In 2010, Continental Kennel Club released the first issue of Everydog magazine. Our goal was to further enhance the incredible dog-human bond by educating, entertaining, and empowering every dog owner with the resources to care for, train, and love the dog or dogs entrusted to his or her care.

Over the last six years, we have worked hard to pack every issue with the best canine content possible, and we are pleased to know that you have enjoyed it. In this regard, we are proud to say that we accomplished our original goal and cannot thank you enough for making it possible.



Everydog has always remained committed to strengthening relationships between dogs and humans in the modern world. When we realized that we have more to share with our readers than could ever be crammed into a quarterly magazine, we launched Everydog Blog. It’s packed with everything dog owners need: canine headlines, insider tips on health and grooming, exclusive interviews with inspiring people and organizations, development and socialization information, training advice, heartwarming stories, trending videos, dog-friendly travel, product reviews, and exclusive offers and discounts.

Everydog Blog has provided us with an opportunity to extend the reach of the canine content you’ve come to know and love in Everydog magazine. By focusing our resources and efforts onEverydog Blog, we will continue to educate and entertain dog owners—and the best part is that it comes at no charge.



Unfortunately, this means that we will no longer be publishing Everydog magazine. The Spring 2016 issue will be the last issue of Everydog magazine that subscribers will receive. We will no longer be offering subscriptions to Everydog, but single issues are available to purchase online.

We will be finalizing all active subscriptions and providing a refund for any unfulfilled issues remaining. Subscribers will receive notices through email and mail with information regarding their refund. Subscribes should allow 90 days from the date of those notices to receive their refund. If you have any questions regarding your refund, feel free to contact our customer support team at 1-800-952-3376.



We’re glad our readers have enjoyed Everydog magazine. We sincerely hope that it has in some way enhanced the bond between man and man's best friends.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding of this change and look forward to sharing the same great canine content with you on Everydog Blog.

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